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  • We are presently scheduling tours for 2024-2025.  Please call 718-548-0900 for an appointment.

  • Through student art, reflections and poetry, learn from our own KDS students at our student-run Bein L’Bein Website

  • Through photos, memories and in her own words, learn about the educational, emotional, and spiritual legacy of Dorit Niven, Master KDS Kindergarten teacher for over 50 years.


The Davis Family

“Obviously we wanted a school with exemplary academics that would also allow our children to grow interpersonally, and Kinneret provided both of those wonderfully. But the opportunity to learn alongside Jews from around the world and those whose Judaism differs in some ways from ours has been especially valuable. New Yorkers have so many opportunities to seek out people just like ourselves and to feel comfortable in microcommunities of sameness. But Kinneret was unique in offering our children the opportunity to see that Am Yisrael is a principle we live."

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