Our Mission

We aim to educate our students to be citizens of the world, to contribute meaningfully to the Jewish community, and to be prepared for the challenges they will face.  We encourage children to explore creatively and to develop independently in a safe, supportive, familial environment.  By maintaining an emphasis on community and partnership, we teach students to treat each other with respect, to work as a team, and to acknowledge each other’s strengths and abilities.  By working with each child individually, we empower students to treat themselves with respect, to do their best, and to value their own strengths and abilities.

Kinneret has always been a small school, which allows us to maintain an atmosphere of close connections that lead to lifelong friendships and deeply held mentoring relationships. Kinneret students are taught not only to strive to fulfill their own potentials but to recognize that, together, we can change the world for the better.